Luxurious Gold Fur

Fendi, Fall 2008 Collection

I read about this new technology in a magazine (I cannot remember which, but it was probably W magazine), and I was completely intrigued. Who wouldn't wear gold fur? I mean seriously, if someone gave you a beautiful Fendi fur coat with gold infused hairs, I know you would just die, and love to wear it when ever you could. This gold I am speaking of, it is not your regular 10 karat gold. These coats contain 24 karat gold particle deposits that make the fur extra soft against the skin. It is truly a breakthrough and I would love to see more of these types of technology on the runway.

Read a short article and comments on Conde Nast Portfolio.

Also, from the same collection (Fendi, Fall 2008), this beautiful knitted over coat. The gold fur skirt is lovely with it.

This stunning knitted top to me, is one of the highlights of the collection. The shape of it is just awe inducing and so inspiring.

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