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Classy Knitwear at Banana Republic

Cable knit sweater dress
Striped waffle knit jacket

Star knit beanie

Ribbed color block scarf
This is one of my favorite stores to shop for elegant designs for any occasion. Find more timeless knitwear at Banana Republic.


Tweed in the Twenty-First Century

Today is the first of a series of a few short articles consisting of interesting information about different fabrics. If you would like to read about a certain fabric, fiber or textile, please let me know.

When I think of tweed, one designer automatically comes to mind: Chanel. I'm sure you thought the same thing.

Chanel, Spring 2009 Ready to Wear via Style.com.

Note the stunning pink knitted cardigan and sweater top.

Buying tweed should be fun, and in a way enlightening due to the fact that there are so many different colors and varieties. You can find almost any type of garment in tweed, from coats, to skirts. Try to find tweed that is lined to prolong the wear of the piece.

Floral Tweed Dress at Neiman Marcus

Wearing tweed is even more fun than buying it. It adds texture and dimension to any ensemble. It is perfect for layering and warmth.

Caring for tweed is more simple than you think. First off, take care to read the label on the garment carefully. If your garment is made of wool, as tweed usually is, take extreme caution when exposing it to moisture and heat. Read more on the care of tweed on essortment.com

Tweed cropped jacket at Arden B.

Tweed is sold at retail at all price ranges, so you are sure to find something that you can afford. Searching online is also very helpful, especially if you want a tweed jacket in the middle of summer.

The best of both worlds: a knitted tweed cardigan by Diane von Furstenberg. This can be worn with or without a belt.


Knitwear at Victoria's Secret

Get the look of a luxurious hand knitted sweater, in only the amount of time it takes to ship to you. Now, I am an advocate of knitting your own garment of beauty, but if you just can't take the time right now, during the start of the holiday season, then why not buy one?

Find these sweaters, and many more intricate designs at Victoria's Secret. Click over to their website, and type in "sweater" in the search box.


Autumnal Knits by Diesel

One of my favorite fashion labels is Diesel. They are best know for their denim, and in my opinion, shoes. However I love its contemporary, yet rugged utilitarian approach.

Diesel Oversized Chunky Knit Beanie

Diesel Crochet Beanie

Diesel Off Shoulder Check Knit and find this same sweater for less, at Nordstrom.

Find these perfect designs at ASOS.


Fall in Love with Thanksgiving Crafts: Crocheted Decorations

Crocheted Cornucopia
Crocheted Fall Wreath

Crocheted Cute Turkey

To find these patterns, create an account on www.lionbrand.com


Bored? Do some Etsy Shopping! Unique Hand Made Accessories

Mysterious Vampy Velvet Drop pendant choker by :: Kepaki ::

Pretty Free form crocheted necklace by :: irregularexpressions ::

Awesome Grey Knit Gloves by :: NataJane ::

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