Braza Bra Accessories

Have you ever asked yourself, "...and what kind of bra would I wear with that?!?" or "How would I wear that, and still have support from a bra?" Ask no more and worry less with Braza!

This ingenious design is perfect to wear under tank tops. I am always tugging at my bra straps to try to keep them hidden under tanks, but with Braza Happy Straps, it is not a problem any more. They cost $5.95 which includes a white, black, nude, and my pack included a bonus clear strap. The clear one is adjustable! I'm not sure if they still sell the packs with the bonus. Contact Braza for more information. As you can see in the image, you can purchase in either small-medium, or large-extra extra large sizes.

These small bow shaped tabs keep your bra straps out of sight as well. Braza Strap Keepers stick under your tops and dresses, without damaging your clothing. They cost $5.00 and include 7 pairs, and they come in the color beige.

Braza Upsie Dasie adhesives are a sexy strapless top's best friend. They hold your top up to prevent you from tackily pulling up your top over and over. The zig-zag design supports in all directions, leaving you free to move as you please.

Log in to Braza, register to see the prices of the products, and discover more exciting and helpful bra accessories and enhancers such as these. They even have a Secret Stash pouch you can wear on your bra, panties, or bathing suit, for all of your necessities without worrying about a purse, and several modesty products to choose from.


Book Review: Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein

Nicky Epstein's most recent addition to her popular edging series, Knitting on the Edge, contains instruction for decorative cuffs, feather lace ruffles, garter stitch weaves, sea scallop edges, sugar drops, and more for your daring design desires. With 350 border options there is no limit to what you can do, with Epstein's creative approach to edges. In addition to all of that, there are a few sections in the back dedicated to stitches, abbreviations, techniques, and the most desired pattern section featuring each pattern pictured in the book. My favorite section is the part on "Flora" with special plant like stitch patterns, reminiscent of nature.

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