Beautiful and Airy Knits

W magazine's Editor's Blog posted this article about Gudrun & Gudrun. The designer's name is Gudrun Ludvig, and I was so happy to discover this team.


Flowing Fabric Details at Prada

Prada - Autumn 2008 collection

Fall in love with heels and handbags all over again. These romantic designs will leave the curious passerby in awe. Feminine lace, in neutral, yet rich colors, and flouncy fabric folds will fill the Autumnal party scene this coming season.

Eye Catching Outerwear at Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland Autumn 2008 Ready-to-Wear collection

Claire W. Keller is the mastermind behind this stuning set of warm and cozy outerwear designs. I love the fact that she stays true to what she loves, and one of these being knitwear. In this set, the sheen of the pants and skirt add extra character and texture, but leave you wanting more.

Vicuna Fiber

Vicuna is the finest and softest wool on earth. It is also the most expensive fiber you can find.

"Current prices for vicuña yarns and fabrics can range from $1,800 to $3,000 per yard. Vicuña fiber can be used for apparel (such as socks, sweaters, accessories, shawls, coats, and suits) and home fashion (such as blankets and throws). A scarf costs around $1500 while a man's coat can cost up to $20,000." - Wikipedia


Green Girl Eco-dresses

Flowing green bamboo jersey top by Loyale

Sexy halter top dress in black soy at Greenloop.

Smooth hemp dress at GreenHome.

Organic cotton dress by Stewart + Brown.

Unique Lyocell top at GreenLoop.

All of these dresses are totally wearable and perfect for the environmentalist in you. Try a new fiber for your next ensemble.

Simone Shailes for Central Saint Martins - Autumn 2008

Central Saint Martins Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear collection

In this exquisite collection, Simone Shailes show's off her talents with these unique knits to inspire us all. I love the depth and texture of all of these designs. The ankle length pants add a perfect feminine touch.


Spring and Summer Knits - Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland Spring Summer Ready-t0-Wear 2008 Collection

Clean, crisp and easy to wear chunky knits and openwork for a chic spring through summer.


Jean Pierre Braganza - Blue Knitted Dress

Blue knitted dress: Autumn/Winter 2007 collection

Menswear - Alexander McQueen

"Colourful ethnic prints came on skinny-fit trousers and chunky knits while shaggy red scarves and huge furry hats looked just right for a mountain adventure." - Vogue

Spool of Thread Jewelry

"Innovative jewellery maker, Ina Seifart plays with haberdashery and more traditional materials to create her unique style of witty, and ultimately chic jewellery. Here, a simple spool of thread is adapted with silver fittings to become a strikingly imaginative necklace." - Victora and Albert Museum Shop


Knitted Cakes

Super cute knitted mini cakes. Delish!


Free Pattern - Valentine's Day Hearts

Crocheted Hearts from Vogue Knitting

Cute and Chic. Make a dozen for your Valetine :)

The Future of Fashion

Louise Goldin has something going with her futuristic designs. I love her use of mosaic like graphic prints and stitchery. My love for sweater dressing has seen a new light! I am truly in awe with this designer.

Goldin's designs reminded me of Byblos Fall/Winter 07/08 pret-a-porter collections (which are so amazing, and one of my favorite fashion labels).

Here are a few quotes from the designer:

"I've freelanced in Brazil, so I know how knits can work for summer. I love it when I can put six colors into a machine and make something amazing come out," she said. "I want to push knitwear to a future vision." - Style.com

"Since the minute I finished the last collection," she explained, "I was researching Inuit culture and sci-fi, experimenting with computer programs so I could mix traditional pattern with the pixelation you'd see on a monitor screen." The result: a parade of "Space Eskimos" equipped with short multi-patterned dresses, some padded, others armorlike in the shoulder; thermal body-hugging catsuits; and fur-trimmed jersey parkas." - Style.com

I was shocked when I read this last quote because that is exactly what I think about when I start to try to come up with new and amazing ideas that I would love to see in high fashion labels and on the runway.

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