Lust for Lace

Lace is dreamy and can be quite fresh against the skin. If you feel as if it is itchy, layer it over a gorgeous smooth fabric such as silk or satin. Lace makes you feel feminine and pretty, even during the worst conditions. Add some to your wardrobe to round out your look, or even to add a vintage flair, if you are so inclined. It can soften even the roughest, most grungy looks. Lace has been around for ages, and will continue to be in style, for all time.
Lace front dress at ASOS
Victorian inspired, High throat lace and sequin collar at Drac-in-a-Box.

Tatted lace mask at TotusMel


Late Night Sunday Shopping

Shopping on Sunday is always helpful for remembering what you want when you are out during the week. It never hurts to be prepared, and these are affordable options for the upcoming months.
Chiffon sweater top at Arden B. - This unique design features a ribbed corset like sweater detail. (on sale and only available in small)

Zip front hoodie sweater by Richard Chai for Target.

More links to explore:

Pas De Deux Cardigan by Knitted and Knotted for Anthropologie. - perfect for a feminine layer over a tank, tube, or maxi dress.

Dimond crochet tights at bebe - a unique, light and airy lace look.

Waffle knit tunic sweater at Gap - this cute tunic can be worn as a dress, and is perfect for Fall.


Handmade Cotton and Wool Bangles

stuff(s): mariegrace designs are unique and all hand made. This bangle is made of cotton and wool thread, wound around a plastic bangle. Mariegrace is a budding designer, specializing in one of a kind items, at reasonable prices.


Red, Black and Grey

I've always loved how well monochromatic color schemes work. Here are some suggestions for red, black and grey knitwear, with a modern and futuristic edge. You can play with these pieces any way that you see fit. Use these as suggestions and find items within your budget, or be inspired to create an original hand made piece.

Knitwear designs are listed clockwise, from top:

Fendi black knitted jumper

Louise Goldin Lappet dress

Grey tights

Black tights

Louise Goldin Knit skirt

Striped netting bag

Marled open knit scarf

Non knitwear accessories:

Kova & T black latex leggings

Liberty heels by Nicholas Kirkwood


Weekend Shopping and Browsing

Intermix's Sweater Checklist - a shopping guide for their latest sweaters and gorgeous knitwear.

Free People Clothing's "Stitched With Love" list - very unique pieces that are perfect for layering and adding texture.

Urban Outfitters's latest sweaters - a vast variety of fashionable sweaters and knitwear, many of which you can only find online.


Stylish Mode Headbands and Accessories

Stylish Mode's handmade headbands are durable, with heavy and thick fabric and sturdy stitching. This product will last. They keep my hair back as well. They really hug my head and I don't have to worry about my hair falling back in my face. One of the very unique things about Stylish Mode is that the company offers custom sizing, which is perfect because no two heads are the same. This is a sure way to make sure your money is well spent.

Stylish Mode also offers a variety of purses and accessories, all created with expert attention to detail.


Your Little Embroidered Bag

Click on the image to find out where to buy these cute clutches and bags.

Adorably small, yet exquisite in design, the little embroidered bag will definitely be coveted.


Sandra Backlund - "Last Breath Bruises" Collection

Indulge and be inspired by Sandra Backlund's latest collection. Intended, or not, the color palette is right on trend and gorgeously rich for Autumn. Backlund is one of my all time favorite artists. This is the future of fashion.

Photography : Annika Aschberg


Designer Embroidery

Row 1: Anna Sui Floral embroidered dress, Hoss Intropia embroidered shift dress, Marchesa embroidered crystal dress.
Row 2: Versace embroidered mesh dress, Marchesa embroidered trim dress.
Row 3: Marc Jacobs Floral embroidered dress, Fendi embroidered halter dress, Anna Sui Cherry embroidered dress

High fashion embroidered dresses and bags for the woman of discerning taste.


Fashioning Technology by Syuzi Pakhchyan

Fashioning Technology is a big, beautiful book, covering three main topics: wearables, objects for the home, and interactive toys. The perfect sized color photos offer help and insight. It is for beginners to the more experienced in electronics. The most interesting aspect of these projects is the fact that they change and respond to their environment. This would be a great gift for a guy that is into crafting, and is also perfect for father/daughter do it yourself projects.

Main Chapter Summary:

Materials, Electronics, and Tools - A perfect list with extremely helpful, full color images, to make sure you buy the right things.
Technical Primers - Detailed tutorials on working with tools you may not have used in the past.
Wearables - Projects you can wear for fun and functional fashion statements.
Home Accents - Projects for the home to give your life more pizazz.
Interactive Toys - Projects to create toys that are more an ordinary.

Templates that are used in conjunction with the projects can be found here:

Fashioning Technology is available in bookstores or online at http://oreilly.com/store


Breezy Fabric Choices

Accessories from left to right: Twisted Orchid bamboo tote, Gucci bamboo pumps, Christian Louboutin linen and crocodile pumps, and Raw Bags bamboo clutch.

I love how cool linen feels but hate the way it wrinkles. Cotton is always my perfect solution. Bamboo is also another perfect choice and is great for the environment. Silk feels amazing on the skin.


Embroidery Weekend

Simple, yet pretty embroidered curtians. Put your heart into this project and it can not go wrong.
Silence & Noise Embroidered Feather Dress - Sometimes the smallest details make the most impact.

Thermal Boxer Tank - Unique top that draws attention to your back, which is awesome.

Super adorable, teeny tiny, embroidered details on these sexy thong panties.

Anthropologie's "Guillemot Dress" reminds me of the twenties era.

Crafty Chica Product Line info. and Free DIY Project

Kathy Cano-Murillo at Crafty Chica has been creating beautiful art pieces for 18 years. She sells her products, and shares ideas on CraftyChica. com

In April 2007, Crafty Chica was approached by one of the largest craft manufacturers to design their own product line, based on their web site and artwork. There are lots of cool things - shrine kits, holographic glitters, etc...some items even have some multi-cultural flair!

A good sign; The product line just won the Innovations Best in Show Award for General Crafts at the Craft & Hobby Trade Show last week!

Here are the store locations that will be carrying it!

Free DIY Project: Empanada Pin Cushion

Empanada Pin Cushions

This may be my kitschiest project yet: Empanada pin cushions! After seeing so many fiber artists have their way with cupcake pincushions, I thought I'd throw a little needle love to Mexican puff pastries.

Empanadas are basically fruit turnovers. My Nana Cano used to make them every weekend - cherry, pumpkin, pineapple, lemon, apple and even mincemeat for my dad.

Puff pastries are also popular in other countries as well, but my design is inspired by the ones I've grown up with here in Phoenix.

I actually made these last Saturday night at The Dirty Devil nightclub where Patrick's band was performing. Under the light of my iPhone, I stitched away. I used white felt, and then painted it to give it a realistic look. It worked.

The next day, both my kids picked these up to take a bite and were mad because they were fake! I would call that a success!

NOTE: Yes, you can use a sewing machine on these, but because I knew I would be working in a dimly-lit area (the nightclub), I chose contrasting embroidery thread to hand sew.

Here's how to make them!

How to: Empanada Pin Cushions


1 piece of white craft felt
stuffing, like batting
needle, embroidery thread
brown, yellow and white paint

1. Take a piece of white craft felt. Fold it over from the short side, and cut out the shape of the empanada. Keep the fold at the bottom. Now cut the other end of the felt into a strip that is about 3" wide.

2. With the felt still folded in half, stitch the empanada about half away around the curve. Stuff with a lot of batting.

3. Take the strip, fold it lengthwise and stitch it with the embroidery thread along the edge of the curve, gather it here and there to make it ruffled.

4. Tuft the empanada in the center with three stitches. Cut the edge in a curvy design.

5. Add a bit of white and yellow to the brown paint until you get a nice baked look. Use the paint brush to stipple all over the empanada. Let dry.

6.Insert pins!

Designed and written by Crafty Chica

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