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Knitted Look - The Cabled Vest


Stunning Cabled Headband

Talk about something sweet! This adorable cable knitted headband by Andrea's Beau is the perfect hair accessory for women or girls. It is constructed beautifully with stretchy knitted fabric securely in place on the outside, and smooth satin fabric on the underside. It is durable, yet looks delicate. They're available in four rich colors and are perfect for Fall and Winter ensembles.

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Andrea's Beau


Cute Free Scarf Pattern

Donegal Tweed Fair Isle Scarf (PDF) by Rosemary Drysdale: Free pattern from Tahki Yarns.


Nifty Gifts for Knitters

Since I have been using my Xtensor, I have noticed that my hands do not get as achy and as tired as fast. The instructions are clear, making it easy to put together, put on and start using right away. It's lightweight, comfortable to wear, and you can do the exercises anywhere. It is a great invention at an affordable price. It would be perfect for the elderly as well.

Here is some more information about the product:

"Our hands are the most crucial part of embroidery and sewing. Whether you’re stitching, patch working, knitting, or crocheting, the muscles in your hands are constantly clinching and gripping, which can cause cramping, muscle aches and pains. Now you can safely strengthen your hands, allowing them to do more and perform better. Introducing the Xtensor, a medically-supported exercise device designed to offset the continuous gripping actions the hands go through every day. Xtensor (http://www.thextensor.com/) is a core training tool that improves range of motion in your fingers and structural stability in the wrist and elbow. By applying gentle adjustable tension specific to each finger, the Xtensor provides a natural path of motion to strengthen the muscles that open the hands. Easy-to-use, the device fits on your hand and stimulates the muscles that open the hands through the use of specifically designed finger bands that generate resistance. The Xtensor is the first device to specifically exercise the finger extensor muscles and tendons with pinpoint precision."

Bloom Putty might not seem like your average crafting accessory, but it works similarly to the Xtensor (above) in that you can exercise your hands with it. I noticed this the first day I played with the silly stuff. You can pull, twist, stretch and bend it. This is another great gift for arthritis sufferers. I love Bloom Putty and I know you will too!

-Available in 14 different scents and colors plus 6 unscented colors, so you are sure to find one (or many!) that you'll love!
-Scented with organic and natural oils, NOT artificially scented chemicals which can be absorbed into the skin or burn if rubbed into the eyes.
-Conforms to ASTM 4236
-Conforms to ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety, F963
-Tested for lead content. Complies with 16 CFR 1303
* Since this toy can be molded into various sizes, choking hazard - small parts, not for children under 3 years old.

Who says patterns are not a good gift? There are tons of free ones on the web, and you can just download, print, and get a little creative with the wrapping for something truly special. Some people cannot find good patterns and if you can, I'm sure they will be happy to receive them. Check these out:

Women: Katalin Mobius Wrap and Wristlet Set (when you go to this page, click the green link in the body of the post to download this pdf file).

Children: Mazie's Mittens by Stefanie Japel ( This is a pair of mittens knitted with only 2 needles! Search for this on Ravelry. You must be a registered user to get this pattern.)

Unisex: Pebbles Scarf by Teresa Chorzepa (This link opens a PDF file immediately. This pattern is from the Tahki Stacy Charles e-newsletter).

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