Feminine Felidae

Are you a cat lover, or secretly a cat hoarder? Learn the ways of the claw with the fanatically interesting book, Cat Lady Chronicles by Diane Lovejoy. Be engrossed with bold and colorful cat images, featuring fine artists from around the world, while learning about a true story of a wonderful woman, that found a new meaning in life with her rescued cats.

My favorite part of the book is when the author mentions, while realizing she is who she is, that there are more important things in life, than material possessions.

"Who am I?" I still carry the Ferragamo tote bag I bought more than a decade ago and acquire affordable antiques for our historic home. It's hard to resist material temptations. But when it comes to the "It" item in my life, it is the interconnections with Lucius, Lydia, Leo, Linus, L.B., Alvar, Lillie, T.J., Perkins and Miss Tommie. Connectivity means much more to me than a command center for communications, a site for bundling electronic interactions. People, pets, art and books enrich our spirits and fuel our lives." (Lovejoy 152)

In chapter eight, Lovejoy reminds us, "...if you are inclined to feed stray cats on a regular basis, ...buy trousers or shorts with deep pockets,...." She notes that she is, "...prepared to feed a hungry cat anytime." (Lovejoy 113)

Here are some lovely fashion choices that may suit you as well:

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