Indian Yarn Art

The Huichol have been creating these amazing yarn art tiles for hundreds of years. They interpret their visions and experiences while visiting the spirit world using colorful yarn which they glue to the wooden tiles using a paste made from bees' wax. First the artist makes a very rough sketch onto the wood and then meticulously goes about applying the yarn, each tiny strand one by one, creating the image you see before you. It is not uncommon for a tile this size to take in upwards of 20 hours to complete! On the reverse of each tile, the artist writes in his native tongue (a tribal spanish) a description of what the image means or what he was trying to capture. We have included a loose translation with each tile. This particular tile captures the high priest asking the moon for good rains and abundant crops. Measurements: 12" square

There is a picture of one at Indian Sun


Spinning Wheel

Here is a photo of a spinning wheel. I was visiting my friend and we had a great time discussing fibers, and the spinning processes. This is the one I had a hard time using.

Spinning at Tricia's House

My son and I drove over to Tricia's house today. Tricia is a member of NWGKnitters. She was a wonderful hostess. I had a chance to try both of her spinning wheels. I liked the larger one the best, for my "spinning style," If I have one...To my suprise, Betsey(another lady in the knitting group) and her daughter came as well. It was a very nice afternoon spending time with the girls. We had a great lunch together and had a chance to vent to one another about life. Here are some pictures of the wheels. My son was with me, which made it very hard to actually sit and spin. However, I will have another chance to spin on another day in the near future.

Green and Funky Moda Dea Shawl

I knit a shawl a while back in Moda*Dea (I think that is how it is spelled) yarn. It's a yarn you can buy at any craft store. This shawl is really sort of a shawl-ette. It has two ends that you just tie around your shoulders. It's actually pretty warm synthetic. This shawl is knit in two types of novelty yarns, which hide mistakes well. Believe me, there are alot of mistakes in this shawl..haha. Oh well, at least you can't see them very well. There are even a few holes in it, and I don't know how they got there. Acutally yes I do know how they got there. This happened because I had to rip some of the rows out, and then I didn't do something right, so a hole was born. My hair hides it when I wear it, so that makes it all better...lol. Totally garter stitch, it is a funky piece that I sadly do not wear often. It was a learning experience, in which now I know not to buy this yarn ever again, unless someone is just dying to wear it, and they want me to knit them something out of it, which would be highly unlikely. This shawl was about $50 to make, can you believe that? This is one reason I didn't want to give up on it. I tried to buy two yarns that were very similar in color, so I would knit an overall textural piece. It is pretty nonetheless and I am proud of it.


NWGKnitters member photo

Here is a pic of some wonderful members of NWGKnitters. We met up at our local mall.

Men's Mitt

The image didn't take very well, but here is a mitt I completed with Wool Ease Chunky. The pair will be for my husband. He will only wear them to and from work..lol.

Baby Mitts

These are a pair of size 2 (toddler) mitts for my son. He should get some good use out of them. They are knitted in Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky, Wheat. They were pretty easy and are very cute.


Waiting patiently for my Knit.1 Magazine

Well, I'm still waiting for my first issue of my subscription to Knit.1. I can't wait to get it. I wanted to get all of the issues, but I think the first one is no longer available ;(

I'll be posting pictures of my projects I have finished witin the past few months soon.

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