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"Take advantage of this chance to get yourself a deal on our patterns and feel good that your purchase will be helping out two "knitting and crochet" families that really need help.

These families are experiencing very bad times because a family member is seriously ill and needs life-saving treatments. Insurance doesn't come close to covering all the miscellaneous expenses needed for these families to get necessary help to the people they love."

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Make a purchase at SuperCrafty.com,

Donate directly on Allison's Blog,

Buy a Stitch Diva Studios Pattern in the next 48 hours,

Purchase Annie's Red Carpet Convertible pattern or any pattern offered for sale on her website.

Purchase one of Annie's books.

Donate directly on the Red Carpet Convertible page.

Buy a Stitch Diva Studios Pattern in the next 48 hours

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Sweater Dress - Transition into Fall

This beautiful dress is a great transition piece from summer to fall. You can wear it almost anywhere. Pair it with neutral accessories for a classic look, or glam it up with some mauve heels, or a large cobalt shoulder bag.


Diaper Bags can do Double Duty

Fashionable diaper bags that can double as knitting project carriers.

Mia Bossi

Not Rational

Mia Bossi

Paula Quintana


Sex Sells

Sexy knitting book titles to stimulate your knitting desires.

1. "Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape" Author: Jennifer StaffordCost: $19.99
Sample project: Charcoal Snow Devil cap, complete with two horns.

2. "Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt"Author: Megan NicolayCost: $14.95
Sample project: "Bohemian Wrapsody," a flirty wrap skirt created from one T-shirt.

3. "Knitting With Balls: A Hands-On Guide to Knitting f or the Modern Man"Author: Michael del VecchioCost: $20
Sample project: Classy tribal sweater.

4. "Plush-O-Rama: Curious Creatures for Immature Adults"Author: Linda KoppCost: $14.95
Sample project: "Llorie the Bipolar Cloud," a two-faced plush cloud - white and fluffy on one side, gray and gloomy on the other.

5. "Pretty in Punk: 25 Punk, Rock, and Goth Knitting Projects"Author: Alyce Benevides and Jaqueline MillesCost: $19.95
Sample project: Union Jack bum flap.

6. "Subversive Cross Stitch"Author: Julie JacksonCost: $14.95
Sample project: A cutesy blue-bordered design with a pink pacifier and the words "Babies suck."



Beach Fun

stuff to bring:
bamboo, cotton or linen yarn with summer fashion pattern

Large, soft beach towel.

Fashionable fold up lounge chair.

bottled water.


iPod with knitting podcasts and ambient music.
Don't forget your binoculars ;)


What have I've been up to, lately? Knitting.

Well, lots of things that I like to do. I've had the urge to make lots of jewelry, so I decided I would get started on a possible Christmas gift list, although knitting may be included in that.
~First off, I'll discuss my latest (yes another one...) knitting project. My cousin Jevae recently had a baby girl and I decided to make her a pair of cute baby slippers (I hate the word booties). So, I went to my local B&N and found Debbie Bliss's Simply Baby pattern book. Here is the picture of the design I'm in the process of working on. I've already completed one slipper and haven't started the next one :( but will shortly.

So here's Bliss's "Cuff booties" version knitted in Debbie Bliss (duh) Baby Cashmerino which is a lightweight yarn somewhere between fingering and double-knitting. This version was casted on with a size 2 needles, and then switches around from that size, to size 3, and then back to size 2 and so forth.

Here is a side angle of mine lying flat down. As you can see I haven't seamed up the back seam yet, which is something I'm very intimidated of. I chose a pink and antique white color combination, which turned out so cute, especially for a little girl.
This slipper is knit in Bernat Baby which is a very thin fingering weight yarn. I used size 3 to cast on and only used size 2 when I was doing a portion of the instep. I decided to make my version the 0-3 month size. The reason I say it's "my" version is because I casted on with size 3 needles instead of size 2.The way she designed the little flap was using short rows, I believe, which I have never tried before this pattern. The instructions were very easy to follow even though I did have to go back and read portions over and over. I didn't understand why she wanted me to place stitch markers at each ends of one of the rows. They just got in my way and I didn't understand why I needed them because I was knitting fine without them.

Overall this has been a really fun and quick project. I love the seed stitch body. Seed stitch is one of my favorite knitting stitches to date. The way Bliss was able to explain shaping, using two needles was amazingly simple to understand. I'm impress with this book and may buy more of her pattern books.


Apple Jacket

Manufacturer: Jacqueline Dufresne, Ontario, Canada. Designer: Jacqueline Dufresne Description: Tired of tossing an apple in your purse for a snack and retrieving it later only to find it battered and impaled on your house keys? Never eat a bruised apple again with this hand-knit, 100% cotton sleeve. Topped off with a knit leaf detail and button closure, these apple jackets aren't exactly armor, but they sure are adorable! Get one to keep your apple, pear, peach, etc. safe or give to a teacher as a great gift. Color: White, off-white, pink or bright blue.

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