Creepy and Curious Knits and Crocheted Wonders for Friday the 13th


Michael Myers (look at that strange little knife)
These designs speak for themselves :) They are creepy and very cute.
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Yes, this truly is psychotic knitting. Kinda funny, yet sick...read more about it here.

This pink gun cozy is just hilarious. Check out the blog I found it on, and read the comments. You'll die laughing. :)

Knitted machine gun (found this pic on flickr). That tip looks a little flimsy there, don't you think?

Knitted guns (you talkin' to me? what?!? what was that?? yeah, i thought so...) ;)
Last but not least, wear this while holding your knitted guns. Knitted gas mask (nonfunctional) for cool looks ;)

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