Lace Smocking - Fresh and Feminine

Flower trim tank featured in Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2008

If you purchased this issue of Vogue Knitting, you will want to view the smocking workshop that was not included in the issue, at the link above. This beautiful, feminine, and frilly tank is perfect for Spring. I could see this on a bridesmaid in a fresh Spring wedding.


Fashion Solitare

Do you love Solitare, but are so tired of the boring suits and a repetitive objective? Well, I found something just for you. It is a new and innovative game called "Fashion Solitare" where blouses and boots take the place of queens and hearts.

The game combines a traditional solitaire card game with fashion design and dressing models. One of the most interesting features is the Design Studio where you can create your own clothing, add it into your solitaire deck and then dress models with it in the game. It's an interesting twist which we're hoping will really catch on with women (and perhaps even men) of all ages.

Check out the concept/sample video on YouTube. Download the free demo version of the game here. To learn more go to http://www.largeanimal.com/


Fiber Technology in Fashion on Trendinista

Check out Trendinista's article about fashion technology. Fabrics, fibers, and fashion all go hand in hand. Be inspired!

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