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Rodarte Hand Knits

Source for image above: Just Jared

On the cover of the upcoming month of Vogue Magazine, Rachel Weisz is wearing a gorgeous hand knitted dress by high fashion label Rodarte. It is a openwork piece with a sort of deconstructed feel, in gorgeous rich colors.
This is the dress featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine, October 2008 issue.

I love how fresh this design is, from the Fall 2008 Ready to Wear Rodarte collection.

This one is gorgeous because it looks "painted" on.

This design is mod-gothic in my opinion ;) The tights leave just enough to the imagination, and give the designs the perfect artistic touch, leading the eye length wise down the form. Stunning.


High Fashion Lace

Prada Suits

Chanel Tights

Piazza Sempione Lace Dress


Embroidery at Unique Vintage

Embroidered designs add depth and visual interest to your wardrobe. Discover the beautiful dresses and accessories at Unique Vintage. Don't forget to check out their fashion history links.


Soak: Modern Fiber Wash

Soak is perfect for hand knitted garments, crocheted pieces, and hand sewn designs. It is great because while using this product, it causes less agitation while washing fibers that tend to felt quickly. Soak also works gloriously on fine and delicate panties, keeping them fresh and clean. It is also amazing on bikinis and swimwear. One of my favorite fragrances is Flora.

How it works: Pour a little bit of Soak into cool water, and then simply soak your garment for about 15 minutes. You do not have to rinse to get a better effect. You can even use it in regular and HE washing machines. Learn more at www.soakwash.com


Glorious Neck pieces at Gloomth

"Death's Kiss" Replica Victorian Reversible Mourning Lace Collarette with Broach

This collar comes with the purchase of the dress featured here. Matching wrist cuffs are also included with this dress.


Neutral Accessories

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Mad Imports "Opal" clutch


SunBanditz Batik Headbands

After wearing ill fitting plastic headbands for hours, you might feel pain and discomfort, as I usually do. Face it, those typical hair accessories may look cute on the rack, but are not fun to wear because they hurt, or don't hold your hair away from your face like you would excpect. SunBanditz headbands are unique because they are made with stunning jewel toned batik fabrics that are so alluring and fresh. They show up perfectly on all shades of hair and skin. They are available in custom sizes and are designed with contours in mind.

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