Vogue Knitting's New KnitBook!

We all know how stylish and classic Vogue Knitting patterns can be. Now there is a way to get only the patterns that you really want from the company, in one printed book, specialized for you. Vogue Knitting is now offering KnitBook!

"A KnitBook is just like any professionally printed pattern book…with one difference—it’s created by you. You choose the cover design, the title and most importantly, the patterns. Now you can have all of your favorite patterns in one book, printed and shipped right to your door! Books start at $24.95."

This is very interesting and economical because you only get what you really want to make and wear!

Tracey Ambrose UPDATE

Here is the link to the Simply Smashing fashion show featuring Tracey Ambrose's designs. Check out her HOT crocheted bikinis!


Knitted Sweater Sale at Forever 21

This is the best time to stock up on cute sweaters and other knitwear since it is so hot outside that nobody is buying them. Take advantage of this as they sell out fast.


Placement of the Hook when Crocheting

Yes, where you put the hook matters and makes a difference. It can change the thickness and the way the piece you are crocheting looks and feels. Here is an excerpt from a recent email I received from Interweave Press:

"Where you put the hook when you crochet makes a difference in both the look and movement of the fabric. Inserting the hook under both loops of the stitch produces a sturdy fabric suitable for a variety of projects. But inserting the hook in the back loop only (blo), front loop only (flo) or alternating blo and flo can produce very different kinds of fabrics. Over the next few weeks, we'll look at the effect of these stitches and when you might want to use them. And we'll show you a pattern that uses each technique. We'll start with back loop only (blo). Blo stitching produces a stretchy fabric much akin to ribbing in knitted garments. As such, it is suitable for cuffs and collars. It's also a good way to add fluidity to an afghan, to keep it from being too heavy. But what happens when you work an entire garment in blo? Good things happen. A case in point: The Big Bow Cardigan (Interweave Crochet Winter 2008). The stretchy rib of blo worked vertically creates a sweater that hugs your shape. If this sweater were worked through both loops, it would produce a garment more like a coat. Working through the back loop only makes a cardigan that can flare at the shoulders and narrows at the waist, creating a slimming vertical line. In addition, it keeps the warmth in. To work blo, insert the hook in the back loop only of the two loops at the top of the stitch. Work blo every row for a completely ridged look. (Working the right side only in blo will produce a fabric that has a wider stripe of flat crochet between the ridges; it will not be quite as stretchy.)Other uses for blo: working a row of blo on the edge of a bag will produce a turning ridge for the bottom. Work a row of blo at the top of a hat to produce a flat top. For pictures of swatches worked in double crochet and double crochet blo, see the blog."

Crochet Me is definitely a blog worth visiting, even if it is just to take a quick glance at the nice photographs.


Fabric Trend - Denim

I absolutely love it when fashion websites, in this case Elle, focuses on a certian type of fabric. This web link features the all time favorite and totally wearable, denim. Here are a few from the lists:

Click here to see these and more denim designs featured on the Elle website!


Woman Within Knitwear Sale

Nice knitted designs are hard to find in plus sizes. Here are some from Woman Within. They are all on sale for only $12.88 (not including tax and shipping costs).

This trapeze top is perfect for larger shoulders, and smaller hips.

Anyone can wear this long henley sweater. It's flattering for most body types.

This swing cardigan is perfect for flattering the arm.

This light weight sweater is not on sale, but still a great price at $40.

I love the color of this wrap cardigan ("pearl grey"), which is perfect for layering.

NOTE: Woman Within has a maternity section with prices starting at $14.99!


Spring Fashion Show at Darla's Closet

Here's the Scoop: It's that time again, "Fashionnnnn Shooowwwwwww" themed, "Simply Smashing." Those two words "simply" and "smashing" seem to capture the essence of the talented indie designers and gifted curators with an eye for everything stylish, along with the models we are so honored to work with. So it seemed appropriate to name the show in their honor. Our Spring Runway Show is going to be something special to behold. Live DJ, wine, chocolate, wearable art and our models who literally, rip the runway (as per the usual)!

Date: Saturday, May 9th

Time: 8:00 p.m. til' the DJ Stops Spinnin'


Darla's Closet Boutique

Historic Downtown Lancaster

647 West Lancaster Boulevard

Lancaster, California 93534

Tel 661-949-1049

Cost: FREE

Featured Designers: Handbags by Olas, Jungles, Fly Tie, ZMJ Denim, Ruby's Vintage, Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P., Heaven Simone, Sculpted Silhouette and the Bee Cute Shoe Collection.

R.S.V.P. Today! Please send an email to shop@darlascloset.com click here or call 661.949.1049 to reserve your space.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the beautiful designs by Tracey Ambrose!

Crochet Trimmed Stylish Designs on Sale at Victoria's Secret

Fashion Glossary on Romans.com

This scarf is on sale for $13.99 right now.

While doing some online searching and shopping I discovered that Romans has a very nice and fairly diverse fashion glossary. It is a good resource with some terms I had never heard of. Click over to the website, then scroll down, to the bottom of the screen. Look for the link "Fashion Glossary" and then click on it. Another window will pop up with a list of words with definitions.

About Romans:
"A plus-size fashion leader for over 70 years, Roaman's® was created for the woman who appreciates style and true value. Our experienced buyers travel the world in search of exciting new looks that you can wear for every occasion. In short, Roaman's® was tailor-made for the plus-size woman who isn't afraid to cause a sensation wherever she goes - glamorous dresses and outerwear, stylish suits, great denim looks, casual easy options and fabulous shoes to complete your look head to toe. We also provide romantic intimate apparel from our exclusive Intimate Promise collection. Women's, Petite and Tall Sizes 12W - 44W, Bras to size 56J and shoes to 14WW."

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