Knitted Sweater Dress on sale at Babygirl Boutique

'Sexy Brown Hand Knitted Long Sleeve Mini Sweater Dress for Winter! This dress is so soft and cozy; Perfect for this fall and Winter with a sexy pair of knee high boots. This dress hails from Papillon's Kroshetta line of dresses. The Kroshetta collection is comprised of hand-made knitted garments. Each dress is unique and delicate. Care instructions are to hand wash and lay flat to dry to prevent stretching. Fabric is 100% rayon. Imported. Misses sizing."source

Use coupon code boho-09 to save 40% on this dress, while supplies last! Coupon may not be combined with any other offer or coupon. Offer expires at midnight PST on Tues, March 31st, 2009.


Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P. at Darla's Closet Boutique

Darla's Closet is a hip, eclectic Southern California Boutique featuring amazing collections by independent designers. Tracey Ambrose, is one of those fabulous designers, and has an eye for crocheted fashion and accessories. She designs one of a kind pieces to accentuate your wardrobe, making it even more trendsetting. Here are a few designs from her label, Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P., that I just adore:

"Ashlee" turtle neck ponchette

"Kathy" cowl

"Josie" angel hair scarf

I also am a fan of the curly scarves. They wrap around the neck so easily, and are very eye catching. Find these designs and so much more by clicking the link below:
Darla's Closet Boutique
647 W. Lancaster Boulevard
Lancaster, California 93534

Also, be sure to register on the Darla's Closet website, for great e-newsletters, updating you on the latest indie designers, as well as special discounts. Save $10.00 now,, on any purchase, by using this code at checkout: FJP09224120551

To learn more about the designer, the label, and the creation process of Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P., please visit the tsawraps website.


Luxurious Gold Fur

Fendi, Fall 2008 Collection

I read about this new technology in a magazine (I cannot remember which, but it was probably W magazine), and I was completely intrigued. Who wouldn't wear gold fur? I mean seriously, if someone gave you a beautiful Fendi fur coat with gold infused hairs, I know you would just die, and love to wear it when ever you could. This gold I am speaking of, it is not your regular 10 karat gold. These coats contain 24 karat gold particle deposits that make the fur extra soft against the skin. It is truly a breakthrough and I would love to see more of these types of technology on the runway.

Read a short article and comments on Conde Nast Portfolio.

Also, from the same collection (Fendi, Fall 2008), this beautiful knitted over coat. The gold fur skirt is lovely with it.

This stunning knitted top to me, is one of the highlights of the collection. The shape of it is just awe inducing and so inspiring.

Cute and Inexpensive Crocheted Pieces at Delias

Very simple crocheted flats paired with denim shorts would be fresh for Spring. They're available in four fun and bright colors.

This crocheted tank would look really cute with either skinny or flared leg jeans. Find both of these for under $40 at Delias.


Hot Knits for the Men in Your Life

Here's a little something for those sexy men in your life, ladies :) Style them right with these hot knits. Now I know most men get really hot and sweaty when they wear stuff like this. That's is just fine. Just make them strip off their clothes for you. :)

Vince shawl collar cardigan at Bergdorf Goodman

Knitted Outerwear by Diesel, On Sale at Revolve Clothing

Even though these pieces are from the Diesel, Spring 2009 collection, they are currently on sale. This "pullover" (in my opinion it is more of a long cardigan) is more classic in design, and only available in smaller sizes.

This unique jacket is available in olive or black. Oh my gosh, how I love Diesel. :) Find these stylish Diesel designs, and more at Revolve Clothing.


Pretty Sweater at Vintage Clothiers Boutique

This is something I would definitely wear. Check out this very nice, ecru sweater for Spring, at Vintage Clothiers online boutique. It is a great deal for only $35. Also, stay up to date and subscribe to the Vintage Clothiers Boutique blog.

Creepy and Curious Knits and Crocheted Wonders for Friday the 13th


Michael Myers (look at that strange little knife)
These designs speak for themselves :) They are creepy and very cute.
cakeyvoice etsy shop
cakeyvoice blog
Yes, this truly is psychotic knitting. Kinda funny, yet sick...read more about it here.

This pink gun cozy is just hilarious. Check out the blog I found it on, and read the comments. You'll die laughing. :)

Knitted machine gun (found this pic on flickr). That tip looks a little flimsy there, don't you think?

Knitted guns (you talkin' to me? what?!? what was that?? yeah, i thought so...) ;)
Last but not least, wear this while holding your knitted guns. Knitted gas mask (nonfunctional) for cool looks ;)


Sale at Lara Kazan Designs

Lara Kazan is now offering 20% off retail on their Spring stock to all customers. For those of you that want some great last minute Fall deals, all of Fall 08' is on sale for 40% off retail. You can email your orders or inquiries to info@larakazan.com.

Lara Kazan Designs
LLC555 8th Avenue Suite 1701
New York NY 10018
Tel.: 212.594.6646
Fax: 212.594.6626
Email: info@larakazan.com


It Girl Knits by Phonex Bess

Phoenix Bess is an amazing person that has been designing knitted garments since the age of 13. She has a knitting pattern line and has published designs in magazines such as Knit Simple, Knitscene, and Creative Knitting. She also sells her knitted pieces online through her online store, and in boutiques. I like how Bess designs what she would wear herself, and how she loves natural fibers.

Her latest publication, "It Girl Knits" is a pattern book filled with the cutest styles for any age, but especially for young women, and girls. It contains 30 unique styles, that are figure flattering and so stylish. The "Designer Carryall" pattern makes up a super chic bag, perfect for any season. There are also very pretty knitted swim suit and bikini patterns for summer!

Overall, this is a feel good book, that has fresh knitting ideas, that you can look at with friends, and admire. Start a new project and have fun with it!

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