Elena Vasileva

Everyone check out Elena Vasileva's knitted designs on Zoozoom.com
Stunning designs to add fabulous texture to your oh so drab usual apparel (scroll down to see Ms. Vasileva's work on this page).


Fabulous Dress for Holiday Shopping

Gorgeous dress by Juicy Couture for the holiday season.
This was found on net-a-porter.com

Paul Smith Knitted Designs

Here are some knitted designs by fashion label Paul Smith.


Yarborough Fiber Jewelry

Innovations are popping up all over the knitting/fashion world, and this is one of them. These beautiful bracelets and bangles will leave you lusting for more and more luxurious yarns to add to your stash. They would also be great conversation starters. I can even see crafty fashionistas coming up with their own takes on this idea. Imagine the endless posibilites! At first I didn't think the pairing of the textured bangle over the texture of a knitted sweater would work, but it seems to look perfect in the first image I have provided (via shopbop.com of course) here. Feel fabulous and glamorous this holiday season, in whatever fiber you choose to surround yourself in :)

Here is a short designer bio taken from shopbop.com:

"Former book editor Elizabeth Yarborough studied literature and writing at Vassar College and the University of St. Andrews. In the spring of 2006, she left the corporate book world, embarking on an arts and crafts spree in her East Village apartment, an adventure which evolved into her jewelry line. With humor and an eye toward deconstruction, her designs subvert traditional wardrobe staples, reintroducing them in innovative, surprising ways. Her jewelry has been featured in Vogue and Vanity Fair."

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