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Ankar Pocket Squares

Men need to play more (much more) with their accessories. The more selection they have in their wardrobe, the better. Surprise your man with one of these amazing pocket squares by Ankar. Ankar carries quality pocket squares in luxurious linen and silk fabrics, made in Italy.


ELLE UK - Knitwear Autumn/Winter 2008

Elle UK very recently published a hot list of amazing knitwear to shop for this season. The article, by Emma Sells, consists of a nine page list of images with links and/or contact telephone numbers to purchase these amazing designs. Shown are a few that I admired.

Comptoir Des Cotonniers


Cute Knitted and Crocheted Toys

The absolute cutest bat you will ever create, can be found at CRAFT, here.
Bee "Buzz" knitted doll at http://www.blablakids.com/

McCain and Obama doll patterns from http://www.lionbrand.com/ Fun gifts for the patriot in your family :)


How to Wear Lace, according to Times Online

Times Online recently published an article about how to wear one of the most sought after trends of the season, lace. Even though it is a "trend" now, it has always been in fashion design, and in style.

Ditu Knitwear

Layla Abramowitz understands fashion, and the direction it is heading (or needs to be). She is the genius designer behind the exquisite knitwear label, Ditu. On the Ditu website, you can view a slide show with some of the latest designs, read about the theme of this collection, get detailed information about Abramowitz's pieces, among many other awe filled features. Ditu will make you fall in love with knitwear all over again, and again, and again...
"Structured knits are somehow very organic, like skin or an exoskeleton, made up of small cellular structures. There's something exciting and volatile about combining nature with technology." - Layla Abramowitz

The designs featured above are from the "Towers of Babel" Fall 2008 collection.

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