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Hemp Jewelry: Sparking Earthly and Worldly Emotions

Hemp jewelry has been a craft art I have been infatuated with ever since I was a young girl. The rough and in some areas smooth, texture of the cords intrigued me. The smell of mass produced hemp tempted me every time I visited a craft store. Being also that I love beads of all kinds, this was, and still is, a never ending story for me. Some may say that hemp jewelry is a thing of the past, for druggies, or just so overdone that it is not special any more. I would have to disagree, because with the newest color variations of cording and how bold designers are becoming with their creations, the possibilities are endless.

I have found a few shops on Facebook that I enjoy browsing in my spare time. The first one is Hemp~Knotic! jewelry. Michelle Najarro creates one of a kind pieces that are colorful and eye catching. She pays attention to nice design detail and has something for everyone. Her range of work goes from very simple, to very intricate, and her prices are great.

Examples of Ms. Najarro's work

Interestingly, I just stumbled across this page: High on Hemp, on Facebook. My favorite design elements by this company are the encased crystals and semi-precious gemstones in hemp work nets, for pendants, and the nice use of cord colors and beads that contrast well.

Examples of pieces by High on Hemp

If you enjoy hemp jewelry as much as I do, then go ahead and check out these pages. I hope you enjoy what you discover.

Note to readers: This is not a paid review or sponsored article. This article is my own personal opinion.

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