Alternative Look: Dolman Sweater with Printed Leggings

Y's Plane cut Knit sweater in Beige - $2, 216 USD (only in size small available)

I usually do not like hats but I liked the way this one looked, with this entire outfit. Something about it screams "this is me, and you have to accept it..". I think this look is very cool with the hat, the buttons down the arm, and the printed leggings. This particular hat looks like a telescope crown with a bit of a wider brim. A fedora or canadian crowned hat would also be just as interesting. You would actually stay rather warm in this, because both pieces consist of wool. The sweater is a wool/cashmere blend.

Get the look:

Cotton & Cashmere Pointelle Sweater - $59.50 USD available in many colors

Y's leggings featured above - $575 USD

BDG Abstract Legging - $39 USD online exclusive


Regarding Operation Helmet Liner

I came across the Yarn Haven website today and it states, on the right hand side bar, that the military is no longer accepting these types of knitted helmet liners. You may or may not have already known this, but this is just a heads up, in case you were wondering. Here is another link to support my findings. The U.S. Military is now issuing its own helmet liners. Thank you to all for your support in helping our troops!

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