Knit Tube Gloves

Make a chic fashion statement this autumn, and through the chills of winter, with these fantastically designed tube gloves. I love the to-the-elbow length as apposed to the wrist length fingerless gloves. It covers more, and is more of a "feast" for the eyes, especially a knitters' eye.


The Knitting Circle Shows Its Chic

Needlework hobbyists have become more savvy, said Joelle Hoverson, an owner of Purl and Purl Patchwork, neighboring yarn and fabric boutiques in SoHo. “A lot of that is driven by fashion,” she said. Ms. Hoverson has noticed that designers like Mr. Jacobs inspire her customers. “But they’re also looking at clothes from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s,” she said. “And they’re looking at each other. It’s very cool.”

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Knitting and Tattoos: The Latest Microtrends

Over the past two generations, the number of left-handed Americans has nearly doubled. Between 2004 and 2005, the purchase of fashion yarn increased 56 percent. The fastest growing group of knitters are teens and twentysomethings. The fastest growing group of videogamers? Moms over the age of 45.What do these tidbits say about American society?

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Extremely creative cupcakes

This lady knitted sweaters and scarves out of marzipan for the tops of these cupcakes. How could anyone eat these?

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You Knit What??

Even though this blog is no longer in service, You Knit What?? will give any one that stumbles upon it a laugh. It definitely put a smile on my face. Someone should create a new blog like this.


Knit a Scarf? For what!?!

Babydoll sweaterdress with scarf

If you ever thought you can not even use a scarf, think again. Check out this article by Joel about creating specialized looks using scarves and ties.


Fashion Word of the Day

1960s Mink Stole

Stole [stohl]

A woman's shoulder scarf of fur, marabou, silk, or other material.

The stole was originally a kind of shawl that covered the shoulders and fell down in front of the body; on women they were often very large indeed. After being adopted by the Church of Rome about the seventh century (the stole having also been adopted in other locals prior to this), the stole became gradually narrower and so richly ornamented that it developed into a mark of dignity. Nowadays, the stole is usually wider and can be made from a wide variety of material. The most likely origin for the stole is connected with the scarf of office among Imperial officials in the Roman Empire.

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Marios Schwab fabric effects

Marios Schwab creates VERY interesting effects with fabric. The designs are unique and "out-of-this-world" stylish.


Fashion Word of the Day - Hairpin Lace

Hairpin lace is a type of crocheted fabric formed by using a crochet hook and a hairpin, which consists of two parallel metal rods held at the top and the bottom by removable bars. Historically, a metal U-shaped hairpin was used, from which the name originates.

Hairpin lace is formed by wrapping yarn around the prongs of the hairpin to form loops, which are held together by a row of crochet stitched worked in the center, called the spine. The resulting piece of lace can be worked to any length desired by removing the bottom bar of the hairpin and slipping the loops off the end. The strips produced by this process can be joined together to create an airy and lightweight fabric.

Heatherette and Jenna Jameson

Even if she was a "born again Christian," her past screams on her behalf, therfore, why risk it? The statement "Some people will do anything for money," seems to be true. What do you think of Heatherette using Jenna Jameson in their fashion show for their Spring 2008 collection? It is strange that they would use her, when they include little girls on the same runway.


FCUS Beautiful Knitwear

Cara Dress with Crochet detail

Geo Cardi

Cable Car Knit

Cable Cardi

Fairfield Dress

Bobble Crochet Cardi

Fashion Word of the Day - Tea Gown

A semiformal gown of fine material, esp. one styled with soft, flowing lines, worn for afternoon social occasions.

The Afternoon Tea Gown was first introduced, in the 1840s, by Anna, the Duchess of Bedford. The gowns were fashioned on the styles and times of the day.

Tea gowns were constructed in several segments, allowing the hostess to change from the lingerie-inspired overtops to the more revealing off-the-shoulder, lower cut silhouette for the evening hours. Fabrics ranged from elaborate gowns with fanciful hand work of embroidery, beading and smocking to the delicate white handkerchief linens accented with pastels.

Since Afternoon Teas were mostly attended by family and close friends, the hostess' tea gown was often uncorseted for the first time in centuries, introducing the casual form of dress our society has adopted to the present day.

The fashions complimented the Victorian era from which they were born. The gowns were accessorized with magnificently embellished gloves, parasols, fabulous hats and small handbags.

Givenchy Very Irresistible Contest Ends Tomorrow!

The beautiful face of Givenchy's Very Irresistible, Liv Tyler.

END Date and Time:
September 15, 2007 11:30 PM (PST)

1st Place: Win a trip for you and your best friend to meet Liv Tyler at her Sephora public appearance in NYC*. You’ll also receive a poster of the ad with your winning slogan, chosen by an illustrious panel of judges with representatives from Givenchy and Seventeen magazine. You and your friend will be treated to a swag bag and lunch at the Seventeen magazine offices.

2nd Place: Receive a Very Irr├ęsistible Givenchy gift basket valued at $250 and a poster of the ad with your slogan. Selected by the community as the entrant with the top score.

10 Highest Scores: Receive a sample of Very Irr├ęsistible Givenchy.

5 Most Viral: Receive a Seventeen goodie bag.

*See rules for complete details


Sweater Dresses for Fall


Anna Sui Lace



Another blogger loves what I love ;)

(Screenshot of the blog)

Check out Fashion Inc.'s post about knitted pieces in high fashion.

Fashion Word of the Day - A-Line

A dress or skirt silhouette that is narrower at the top, flaring gently wider toward the bottom thereby resembling the letter A. Works well on most figure types; good for disguising bottom-heavy figures.


NYC Spring Fashion Week Coverage

Papierblog is covering New York fashion week, diary style, including beautiful and vivid photos.


Fashion Word of the Day - Pinafore

pin·a·fore [pin-uh-fawr, -fohr]

A woman's sleeveless garment derived from it, low-necked, tying or buttoning in the back, and worn as an apron or as a dress, usually over a blouse, a sweater, or another dress.

Paula Sanz Caballero

Paula Sanz Caballero is an interesting fabric artist and fashion illustrator. Her designs have made a lasting impresson om me, with their somewhat deathly/morbid nature. I was very attracted to the embroidered colors she uses in her beautiful pieces.

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