It Girl Knits by Phonex Bess

Phoenix Bess is an amazing person that has been designing knitted garments since the age of 13. She has a knitting pattern line and has published designs in magazines such as Knit Simple, Knitscene, and Creative Knitting. She also sells her knitted pieces online through her online store, and in boutiques. I like how Bess designs what she would wear herself, and how she loves natural fibers.

Her latest publication, "It Girl Knits" is a pattern book filled with the cutest styles for any age, but especially for young women, and girls. It contains 30 unique styles, that are figure flattering and so stylish. The "Designer Carryall" pattern makes up a super chic bag, perfect for any season. There are also very pretty knitted swim suit and bikini patterns for summer!

Overall, this is a feel good book, that has fresh knitting ideas, that you can look at with friends, and admire. Start a new project and have fun with it!

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