A Few of Berroco's Latest Products

I found this yarn to be fascinating because the ply looks like it is braided. That in itself will add visual interest to anything you knit. They call this style, "chainette".

This specific yarn is called Flicker, which at first made me think of the photo hosting website but then I looked at the spelling and realized it is called flicker because of the pretty tinsel like element that is added to the fiber. It consists of baby alpaca, acrylic, and other fibers (???). I would really like to know what those are!

Isn't this a beautiful lace stitch pattern? This pullover is knit with Flicker yarn. It is called Maila.

The "chainette" yarns are very attractive to me right now. Here are some that are coming soon to the Berroco website.

Souffle in the color Garmisch - acrylic, wool, baby alpaca

Voyage in Pool - alpaca and polyester

Link in Lioness - wool and acrylic

Don't forget, there are many free patterns to print out on the Berroco website! This link will direct you to the latest yarns, and there is a link that says "free patterns" for each of those that they offer. Happy Knitting :)

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