The Kymaro New Body Shaper

The Kymaro slimming shaper for the upper body is a very useful product for all women that desire a smooth figure underneath form fitting clothing. It works perfectly with any bra and lies smoothly under slacks, and denim jeans. You could even wear it under your workout clothing. It does not ride up or bunch up. The back of the top is reinforced for extra support. You choose your correct size based on your current bra size. Measure yourself carefully if you are not sure. The upper body shaper that I used was actually a little bit loose based on my bra size. If you have smaller breasts, you might be able to wear one size smaller for the Kymaro upper body shaper.

The lower body shaper is just as nice and slimming, and feels like a thick supportive panty hose. You can choose to either wear it pulled up to your natural waist, or wear them lower at the hip. I suggest wearing it higher if you have loose skin in that area. My correct size works great for me, but if you have a bigger lower body than your top, you may want to buy one size larger. It is best to try to take correct measurements of your body and then select your size based on that. If you like very tight body shapers, stick to your size or a size smaller.

My first set was the black version. I noticed that the black material had a lot of dye, because it was rubbing off on my hands, so I washed them before I used them. Washing them in the machine was fine, but I did let them air dry. After an initial wash, they dye no longer transferred to my hands as I was pulling them on or off.

Overall these products are great for that smooth figure you desire. The top is made of polyester and spandex, and the bottom is made of nylon and spandex. They work under casual, semi formal and formal clothing.

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