Book Review: The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping by Melody Fortier

The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping is a great resource for those wanting to know more about vintage fashion in general, and for those interested in shopping for designer vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. It also includes expert advice, and shopping links for you to explore online.

What I love most about this book is how it shows you how you can reinvent old, worn out, or what you might think is unstylish designs, into something brand new and unexpected. For example, you can turn a long skirt into a dress or a knee length skirt into a cute top to wear with denim jeans.

Have you ever wondered how old that dress is? Now you can figure it out easier with tips on how to identify and date your new buy.

There's also an interesting short history of styles of different eras, featured in chapter 3. This is perfect for that school project or essay you are working on.

When you are buying, especially online, you need to know some important abbreviations, featured in this book, on page 13!

Did you find that perfect hat at the thrift store only to discover that it terribly needs some tender loving care?This book has some great tips on that specific subject, starting on page 154.

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