Warm Fleece

Are you making any holiday gifts this year? Have you ever used fleece? I like this material because its very warm, and you usually only need to wear that layer with maybe one shirt underneath.

Fleece is made up of napped synthetic fibers. Your regular fleece that you can buy at almost any store, is actually known as polar fleece.

Even though some fleece is very cheap feeling (think the snuggie..you know that thing with the armholes, that acts like a blanket?), you can find some very nice, non synthetic fleece at shops like BlueFly.com, and Nordstrom.

Marios Schwab Fall 2007 Collection - fleece sweater


Hancock Fabrics is having a big fleece sale right now: http://www.hancockfabrics.com/Fleece_stcVVcatId537261VVviewcat.htm?extid=HAN_EML_20090921_CT_biggestfleeceevent

Also, Hancock Fabrics is celebrating their 52nd anniversary, so enter for your chance to win a $52 gift card from Hancock Fabrics, here:


Fleece Queen - solid colors are #3.75 a yard.

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