Get Started on your own High Fashion Knitwear for Fall 2009

Tyra Top knit in Rittratto yarn, by Tahki Stacy Charles, Inc.

Samina Peplum Jacket

"Gedifra brings you 30 stylish projects direct from the runways of Europe. This collection is actually two collections in one. The first is called "Glam Factor" and features cozy structured pieces for fall. The second is titled "Abstract", and here you will find colorful and trendy pieces with tons of eye interest and the latest in shapes. There is certainly something here for everyone, from trendy to sophisticated; from unstructured to sleek and stylish; from bright and colorful to chic and refined."

When you think of new pieces to add to your wardrobe for Autumn, knitted garments are usually a must have, even if you can only buy one or two. This makes it even better because you can create your own, if you are into that sort of thing. The two I featured here are designed with beautiful new shaping and fiber blends to satisfy your fashion needs. Style yourself right, and learn a new technique with these sumptuous patterns.

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