Soft, Smooth and Soothing Yarn

Image source: IgnorantBliss on Flickr

"The yarn aficionados at Austermann certainly took a huge step forward when they developed their "Step" family of yarns. Not only is the original "Step" yarn a fabulous self-striper that's available in color combos both women & men will enjoy, but it has the added benefit of being infused with aloe vera & jojoba oil. These two enhancements guard against skin dryness & inflammation through at least 40 washings. So both your hands as you knit & your feet as you wear the finished socks will benefit, all without any greasy film or residue. Spectacularly crafted of 75% wool & 25% nylon."source

"They were very soft, after washing, they got even softer." Paula, on her experience with Austermann "Step" yarn.

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