Book Review: Vogue Knitting Knitopedia

Vogue Knitting Knitopedia, The Ultimate A to Z for Knitters, released this month,  retails for $34.95. This is the book for those that want a quick reference to every knitting term, technique, tool, designer, and fiber or tradition.  The pictures are big and beautiful, and include maps, photographs, technical drawings, schematics, and tables for every curious need. This book is best left at home, however, due to its size and hard cover.

On a more entertaining note, there are essays written by top names in the knitting world, peeking out at you throughout the book, ready for your eyes to devour. If you want to try your hand at design, there is some basic information on how to do that, and how to substitute yarns. The flow of finding what you need is so easy with extensive cross referencing on practically every page. In my opinion, Vogue Knitting Kniopedia would make a great gift for the beginning knitter, and for those that want to learn a lot about knitting in a short amount of time.

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