Book Review: Closet Confidential by Vinona Dimeo-Ediger

Closet Confidential, Style Secrets Learned the Hard Way, written by the author of Daddy Likey, is a melting pot full of information about how to dress, specifically catering to women. Included are fun and helpful tips with quirky yet delightful illustrations, sparking your own insightful outfit combinations for practially every occasion. Closet Confidential is the "do's and don'ts" bible of fashion, in a smart and easy to read, very portable volume. You are sure to laugh and smirk while you learn about everything from jeans to shoes, and bags to shape wear. One of my favorite parts is about dressing for events. Every woman stresses over those! There are also fun anecdotes and side notes that will surely keep your interest. Pick up a copy and enjoy stress free style with a little help from Ms. Dimeo-Ediger.

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