Express Yourself with Inkwear

Inkwear temporary tattoos are stylish and follow today's trends. Want to try that tattoo style, but afraid of commitment? Try Inkwear first, and then if you love it, get the real thing. These fun tattoos are for sale for such a great price, you might not need to get that real, permanent tattoo. Inkwear offers more services such as custom tattoos that you design yourself and custom colors for tattoos already available. Just imagine, wearing that special tattoo that you drew, without the worry and fear of a real tattoo. Be as different as you want to be with custom colors too. These photo realistic-designs with three dimensional shading and bright colors will "wow" everyone that sees them. You can apply two or three bracelet tattoos for a quirky look, that can be worn with your metal or leather bangles and bracelets for ultra dimension. Get as colorful or as elegant as you wish, at a fraction of the price of other temporary tattoos.

Inkwear tattoos should last for at least two to five days in good condition and they are FDA approved.

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