Flannel - A Perfectly Soft Layer

What the hell is flannel and why would anyone ever want to wear it? When I hear the word "flannel," the first thing that comes to mind is a plaid flannel button down shirt from the 90s. However it is so much more than that, and is so comfortable.

"Flannel is a soft woven fabric, of various fineness. It usually doesn't have a nap, and instead gains its softness through the loosely spun yarn it is woven from. It is commonly used to make clothing, bed sheets, and sleepwear." (source)

Hermes Fall 2009 Ready to Wear collection.

The pants in this image are made of flannel. Check out this entire collection on Style.com (see the link above, under the image). There are some glorious knitted sweaters and stunning leather skirts and dresses. The colors of the leather (of course Hermes is a well known name for luxurious leather goods) are divinely earthy and look soft, supple, and flowing on the body.

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