Lilly*blossom "Book Bags"

Lilly*blossom designs showcase quality hand made products, created with the best designer fabrics to date. In addition, each book cover has a cute book mark sewn into it, with added bead embellishments. The beads are perfect for added weight to keep the book mark in place, and give it extra pizazz. What better gift than this?!? Any reader in your life will love and appreciate these book covers as a gift. They are so useful, and easy to carry. I love my "Turquoise and Taupe" cover, and use it daily.

"The Paperback covers are so easy to use and they are unique on the web! Simply slip the front and back cover of your favourite paperback into the cover and use the beaded bookmark to keep your place, close the book and you have a bag! I use them for commuting everyday and they are so eye catching, people often ask where I get them from and if they can buy them! We also sell lots for holidays & travelling - no more struggling to the pool or beach, just slip on your arm and have your hands free for those essential items such as sunglasses and cocktail! Keeps your book splash free." -Helen Newton of Lilly*Blossom Designs

You can purchase directly from the website, and on the Lilly*blossom Etsy page.

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