Denim: Distressed or Repaired?

Hot, ripped rock star jeans are super trendy and, in my opinion, always fashionable. Elle UK has featured a nice collection of distressed denim choices at various prices.
This cute pair by 7 for all mankind, sold at Net-a-porter, is lightly distressed, and fairly affordable.

I must admit I am strangely enamored with these white ripped jeans sold at Topshop.


However, some love the sleek look of smooth, richly saturated colored jeans, and how they lengthen and slenderize your hips and thighs.

K Karl Lagerfeld, classic straight leg jeans

You may have an old pair that cost you a small fortune, but you will never wear them again because they have an unsightly rip that you just can not stand. Denim repair by Denim Therapy is your solution!

"Denim Therapy’s denim assessment and reconstruction is done individually, one denim patient at a time. Every jean is different in its construction and wear. And of course, every ripped area is different. That’s why when repairing jeans, Denim Therapy does so one repair at a time. The repair is a genuine reconstruction of the original denim material. It is not a patch. It is new cotton thread and stitch applied to the broken denim area. Denim Therapy uses the MatchPerfect™ cotton thread selection process to create the best looking repair possible."

The results are phenomenal, and the cost of doing so is well worth the price, which is extremely reasonable. Check out the website for more information and images!

P.S. Click over to the Denim Therapy blog. It features all kinds of great sales on amazingly fashionable denim! I'm so glad I found it!

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