Ultra Cool Lace Tights from Urban Outfitters

Stunning yet delicately sheer lace crochet tights, in a unique color to pair with knee length sweater dresses or skirts.

Pretty and feminine, these pin stripe floral tights are only found at Urban Outfitters. No wonder I love them and need them so badly ;)

Now, not everyone will wear fishnet tights, but this lace design adds a special twist to the thought of fishnets. They are sort of surreal in how the design wraps around the leg. These are very artistic and full of intricate details.

Betsey Johnson fans are in for a treat with these white girly knee highs. A tiny pink bow adds to the youth appeal of this design. Use them as socks too :) They're perfect for this coming Spring.

Last, but surely not least, these tights are modern and chic, and to me, inspired by Chanel's tights that are extremely, if not exactly, the same design as these. Pick these up for less than twenty dollars! I would buy five just in case ;)
Find all of these, and more lace tights on the Urban Outfitters website.

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