Fashioning Technology by Syuzi Pakhchyan

Fashioning Technology is a big, beautiful book, covering three main topics: wearables, objects for the home, and interactive toys. The perfect sized color photos offer help and insight. It is for beginners to the more experienced in electronics. The most interesting aspect of these projects is the fact that they change and respond to their environment. This would be a great gift for a guy that is into crafting, and is also perfect for father/daughter do it yourself projects.

Main Chapter Summary:

Materials, Electronics, and Tools - A perfect list with extremely helpful, full color images, to make sure you buy the right things.
Technical Primers - Detailed tutorials on working with tools you may not have used in the past.
Wearables - Projects you can wear for fun and functional fashion statements.
Home Accents - Projects for the home to give your life more pizazz.
Interactive Toys - Projects to create toys that are more an ordinary.

Templates that are used in conjunction with the projects can be found here:

Fashioning Technology is available in bookstores or online at http://oreilly.com/store

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