The Future of Fashion

Louise Goldin has something going with her futuristic designs. I love her use of mosaic like graphic prints and stitchery. My love for sweater dressing has seen a new light! I am truly in awe with this designer.

Goldin's designs reminded me of Byblos Fall/Winter 07/08 pret-a-porter collections (which are so amazing, and one of my favorite fashion labels).

Here are a few quotes from the designer:

"I've freelanced in Brazil, so I know how knits can work for summer. I love it when I can put six colors into a machine and make something amazing come out," she said. "I want to push knitwear to a future vision." - Style.com

"Since the minute I finished the last collection," she explained, "I was researching Inuit culture and sci-fi, experimenting with computer programs so I could mix traditional pattern with the pixelation you'd see on a monitor screen." The result: a parade of "Space Eskimos" equipped with short multi-patterned dresses, some padded, others armorlike in the shoulder; thermal body-hugging catsuits; and fur-trimmed jersey parkas." - Style.com

I was shocked when I read this last quote because that is exactly what I think about when I start to try to come up with new and amazing ideas that I would love to see in high fashion labels and on the runway.

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