French Embroidery: Annabelle d'Huart for Noel

Annabelle d'Huart was born in 1952 in Paris. After studying drawing at the École Camondo in Paris, art history in Florence, and photography in New York, she spent 10 years at the Taller de Arquitectura in Barcelona. Her productions involve a wide range of materials: jewels, bronzes, roller-pressings, and paintings, in which the artist offers the spectator “unending navigation” through the variation of modular elements.source In her works she tries to give shape to objects that are in our individual and collective memories.sourceShe also helped design these stunning and very modern jewelry pieces, in collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto and Mikimoto, which I personally love.

"Constellation", a tablecloth embroidered with two thousand stars, which was designed by Annabelle d'Huart in celebration of the new millennium, is a beautiful example of exquisite french embroidery. Hand embroidery is used in Haute Couture for high fashion designs. You can get more information on how to purchase patterns like this, among many other beautiful works, as well as information on how to get a hand made table cloth like this, at Noel.

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