Caponi Embroidery - Superb Stitchery

Did you know that handkerchiefs were once a symbol of social status, such as the type of car we drive is today? The finer fibers and the more complicated designs indicated wealth. We all covet fine linens, especially those that are expertly crafted with elaborate detail. From the 1600s until the 1950s, embroidery was considered an extreme luxury.

Loretta Caponi's fine embroidered linens are a true testament to this. These textiles are desired by the well-to-do of today's society.

A review from cyberspace:

"Loretta Caponi is the very best the world has to offer for elegant silks, linens and cottons. She and her talented staff design and make nightogowns, robes, sheets and towels and the most beautiful baby clothes we've ever seen. She has made the nightwear for most of the royal houses of Europe.
Her shop in cental Florence is an old convent and an architectural gem.
Be sure to stop in!"

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