Alternative Look: Dolman Sweater with Printed Leggings

Y's Plane cut Knit sweater in Beige - $2, 216 USD (only in size small available)

I usually do not like hats but I liked the way this one looked, with this entire outfit. Something about it screams "this is me, and you have to accept it..". I think this look is very cool with the hat, the buttons down the arm, and the printed leggings. This particular hat looks like a telescope crown with a bit of a wider brim. A fedora or canadian crowned hat would also be just as interesting. You would actually stay rather warm in this, because both pieces consist of wool. The sweater is a wool/cashmere blend.

Get the look:

Cotton & Cashmere Pointelle Sweater - $59.50 USD available in many colors

Y's leggings featured above - $575 USD

BDG Abstract Legging - $39 USD online exclusive

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